Methow Restoration Council

Beaver Creek Weir Renovation Projects
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The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) provides technical assistance to states, tribes, federal agencies, and local project sponsors in the Columbia Basin to identify and construct projects to protect and improve the survival of listed fish species.

Why we're doing the projects:
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Between 2003 and 2005, Reclamation partnered with the Okanogan Conservation District to rebuild several irrigation weirs in the Methow River basin to improve fish passage while maintaining adequate water levels for irrigation diversion.

Project outcomes:
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These projects are needed to repair the damaged structures and maintain and restore irrigation function and fish passage at the weirs.

Project benefits:
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These projects will reduce the need for annual instream maintenance by irrigators.  This will save irrigators time and effort and limit the need for them to work in the creek bed each year.

Project Timeline:

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Construction at the Fort Thurlow Rock Weir Complex and at the Marracci Rock Weir Diversion is planned for summer and early fall 2014.

Contact for more information:

Jennifer Molesworth, Methow Subbasin Liaison
Bureau of Reclamation Methow Field Station
206 Glover Street, Twisp
(Mail to:  PO Box 918, Twisp, WA  98856)
509-997-0640, extension 260